Job opportunities

We develop technology to help philosophers explore the big questions. If you'd like to be part of this and can help in any of the areas below, please drop David Bourget a line with your CV (). We are always on the look out for programming talent or individuals with a mix of skills in philosophy and computing.

Current openings in software development

GTA positions

Graduate students in philosophy at Western are sometimes appointed to help with PhilPapers for their GTAs. PhilPapers GTAs typically serve as assistant editors of PhilPapers categories, classify papers, review user actions, and perform data entry tasks. GTAs will gain editorial experience, get acquainted with a section of the philosophical literature, and learn about the PhilPapers technological platform. These positions are allotted at the same time as other GTA positions.

For those with programming skills, there is the possibility of working alongside professional programmers on CDP/PhilPapers projects. Please contact David Bourget to discuss options if you have relevant qualifications.

PhD positions

If you're interested in the use of technology to advance research in philosophy or the humanities, you might want to consider a PhD in philosophy at Western as part of CDP. As a member of CDP, you would have access to unique data and tools from the PhilPapers platform, and you would have the chance to work both with like-minded researchers and professional programmers that can help you in your work. Contact us to discuss your options.

Upcoming openings


We expect to soon (late 2022) be hiring a postdoc/academic editor in a mixed research/service position to assist with editing work on PhilPapers and the PhilSurvey project. If you are a philosopher with some data analysis and/or programming skills, please contact us.

will get acquainted with a section of the philosophical literature and learn about the PhilPapers technological platform.

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